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Randy Johnson has over 45 years of experience in the creation of art and graphics, including the Mendocino Brewing Company's internationally acclaimed Red Tail Ale beer label and the Pocket Creatures™ wildlife T-shirt designs. He has also produced nature videos and the Randy Grubb's Garage video series on YouTube.

The second edition of his book on the automotive art of Randy Grubb, "From Mind to Metal," was published in 2019.

From Mind to Metal

Look for the Randy Grubb's Garage series on YouTube.

Red-shouldered hawk feather

Since the early 2000s, Randy Johnson has captured brilliant and colorful impressions of Florida's natural world in paintings, photographs, and photo illustrations.

Colors of Florida cover Colors sample spread

"The Colors of Florida: An Unusual Field Guide," his second book, was released on May 1, 2020. The book is a brilliant selection of Johnson's wildlife photography of the Florida peninsula. It presents the state's flora and fauna in a rainbow of hues that delights the eye, featuring scenes from both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts as well as springs, rivers, and lakes. Eighty-five species are identified in the index.

An unusual field guide, its photos are NOT arranged by species!

Instead, the pictures are grouped by colors that unfurl as a spectrum from page to page. Along the top of each page is a strip of color with a range of hues. The overall colors of each picture—or its focal point— fall within those hues.

The book can be used as a tool for artists and students in exploring and analyzing color combinations. A key to the most harmonious color schemes in art and nature is included.

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Fine art prints of his life's work as an illustrator, painter, and photographer are available on paper, metal, acrylic, and canvas at his online gallery

Photographic prints from the Colors book

See Randy Johnson's abstract paintings:

Paintings video

Tour the paintings and walk through four exhibitions

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