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Pulse Jet Lakester
Krysten Barker with the Bob Maddox Pulse Jet Lakester
for the video Shooting Krysten

Randy Grubb - Tripod Number 2
Randy Grubb's Tripod Number 2
for Randy Grubb's Garage Internet series

1937 Plymouth Pickup
1937 Plymouth Rat Truck
for the video Real Hot Rod Girl

Infinity Time Capsule

Product photo for Highway Products

Big Daddy Iguana
For SCENE 1 T-Shirts

Aqua Sun
St Petersburg, Florida

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Brown Pelican
Brookings, Oregon

Olive Grove at John Hemlick Rest Area

Hot Rod Girl
For Bob Drake Reproductions

Afternoon Steamstack
White City, Oregon

Project '35 Girl
For Bob Drake Reproductions

'40 Coupe Couple
For Bob Drake Reproductions

Fall in Lithia Park
Ashland, Oregon

Red-tailed Hawk
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Old School
For Bob Drake Reproductions

Old Fords & Hot Rods at the Rogue Theater
For Bob Drake Reproductions

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